Staff Picks

Ex Nihilo Pinot Gris $23.99.
Juicy, aromatic flavours of mouth- watering peaches, mandarin and pineapple. This is one of the nicest Pinot Gris I have had from anywhere and I’m proud that were producing this type of quality in BC.

Cristalino Cava $14.99.
This crisp bubbly ripe for any occasion. delicious dry citrus. Effervescent with a price that is right up my alley.

Phillips LongBoat Chocolate Porter $5.90 + dep
A nice rich beer with a beautiful chocolate aftertaste. Good with a meal or by itself.

Vincent Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka $48.99
Great in coffee or hot chocolate, on ice cream, or all on its own!

La Florencia Malbec 2009 $17.97
An engaging nose that offers up some wood spice, a floral component along with a subtle background of pepper over the red berry and darker red fruits on the nose.